You must be at least 21 years of age to order and receive alcohol from Paul Marcus Wines. All wine shipped will require an adult 21+ signature upon arrival.

Where we ship: We ship within CA ($23 flat rate) and to AZ, ID, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA ($25 flat rate). Alternatively, feel free to call us if you want to build an order over the phone for pickup or shipping.

Weather: We do not offer temperature controlled shipping. If for any reason you’d like us to hold your shipped order please email us at:, otherwise your shipment will be sent out typically with 24hrs of the order. WE MUST HAVE THIS REQUEST IN WRITING.

Why can’t you ship to my state? Laws and procedures regarding alcohol sales and transportation are different in every state. When you purchase from us in California, the title to the alcohol passes to you upon purchase in California. If we ship out of the CA state to your state, is is up to you to pay taxes on the items in accordance with your state alcohol tax laws. For the same reasons, there are some states we are not able to ship to because they do not accept DTC (direct to consumer) shipping from a retail license.

When your order is approved by your credit card company, you own the goods. If you choose shipping as a delivery method, you are asking us to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you. We make no representations about the legality of shipping alcohol and by requesting delivery you are expressly warranting that you will ensure compliance with all applicable alcohol shipping laws. The shipment of alcohol into a state is regulated by the recipient state, and you are responsible for compliance with all laws regarding such shipments.

I don’t like the wine I received: PMW does not produce or bottle any of the alcohols sold and therefore we cannot guarantee the personal preferences of our customers. Wine with more than 10yrs of age are purchased “as is” and at the buyer’s risk as to the drinkability.

This policy includes “corked” or flawed wine. This fault occurs at the winery, and is completely out of the control of PMW and retailers. If  you believe you received a corked wine, you are welcome to contact us at, but we cannot guarantee refunds or replacements.

Cancellations and Returns: Any cancellation of any order must be done within 24hrs of placing the order and prior to the shipment of the order. All cancellations are subject to a 10% restocking fee. The restocking fee is not a penalty, but compensates us for our loss. When we charge your card, your order is reserved for you. We also pay transaction fees for refunds. When you cancel your order, your credit card company charges us for both charging your card and subsequently crediting your card for a cancellation. Therefore, we will strictly enforce the collection of the restocking fee if your card has been charged. If we have not charged your credit card, you may cancel your order without being subject to the restocking fee.

An address change (shipment re-routing) may be requested by the customer after shipment, but the customer will be responsible for the fee charged by shipping carriers for address changes.

Any return of unopened and undamaged alcohol that was incorrectly sent to the customer must be done within 10 days of your receipt of the alcohol. Should this happen, please email or call us to notify us that you are returning the shipment. We will only issue an exchange or refund on returned products that were incorrectly shipped to you. We will not accept return of any alcohol that has been opened, harmed during transportation, or harmed due to extreme weather conditions.